The Vicious Circle of Comfort Eating

Comfort eating or Mindless eating as I prefer to call it..

it doesn’t make sense, does it ?

I’m happy…crack open that bottle of red & pass me those chocolates baby! I’m sad or stressed so I’ll stuff my face with crisps I’m sure it will help. I’m worried & anxious – I just can’t stop eating… ANYTHING!! I’m too tired to cook so this readymade white tuna mayo baguette will just have to do.

Hmmm, I see a pattern forming here.

Don’t worry, I speak from experience. I’ve been overweight and I’ve been slim… fit and unfit… healthy and unhealthy.

I have green juices and smoothies, organic this, that, the other, all the super foods you can shake a stick at and smothered in coconut oil.

BUT get this… come closer … sometimes when I’m happy/sad/stressed/worried/tired I drink wine AND champagne, I eat ‘normal’ chocolate.. hell occasionally I even eat crisps! Not chia crusted gluten free fresh air crisps either NORMAL crisps & left over chips! CHIPS !!

Do I feel better when I have my homemade green smoothie followed by eggs and organic spinach, sprinkled with turmeric? A homemade raw chocolate for a ‘sweet treat’ and wash it all down with warm lemon water ?? Duh.

Health Collage

So what makes us want to eat the naughty food and drink the naughty wine when it’s only going to make us feel worse ?

Because WE ARE IN CONTROL. Only you are in control of what you put in your mouth, right ?

So, let’s get this straight…

If you’re happy = you deserve this.

You’re sad or stressed = you NEED this.

Worried or Anxious = shit I don’t know why I’m having this but it’s just happening!!

Tired = you don’t care WHAT you eat.

There’s the ‘everything in moderation’, 80/20, we’re all bio individual and I can eat a box of Thorntons if I want to argument. TRUE. I get it. I DO it !

But for some people the balance just isn’t there. They mindless eat way more than they healthy eat and you know what, it’s a vicious circle. You feel bad because you’ve eaten crap so you eat more crap and drink more wine (insert preferred alcoholic beverage here) and so on.

You know you feel better when you eat healthily and exercise but you can’t pull yourself out of the hole. It’s like the ‘I’ll start Monday’ brigade, yes that old chestnut !

YOU are in control and YOU want to start on Monday so that’s that. (if I could use emojis here it would be the stubborn face one).

Why start Monday? Will you feel differently on Monday to today? Will you suddenly have more energy or more confidence? Will you be happier on Monday after eating and drinking all weekend ?

SO this is the key.

Set yourself GOALS but don’t restrict anything. You know, for example if you give chocolate up for lent that is ALL YOU WANT to eat! If something is forbidden, you want it more, simple.

Ok so I have the wine and chocolate at home. I buy it and it’s in my kitchen but out of sight. It’s ok though because I know it’s there and if I want it I can have because I’m an adult and it’s up to me what I do.

So, no panic and no fear. I haven’t told anyone I’m trying to be good so I don’t feel any pressure either.


DAY 1:

I only got 4 hours sleep and the kids are driving me mad. That’s ok because I know at 7pm (5pm, 6pm I won’t judge) (wink emoji) I am going to open that bottle of wine I bought and have a large glass. Maybe even the chocolate too.



Ho hum…. I’ll just occupy myself making dinner first and then I can always have that wine after dinner.. and my chocolate.

Oh, the dirty dishes and a bit of housework to do… I’ll do that first THEN have my wine.. and chocolate.

Yes! I forgot it was Monday, my favourite programme is on! Maybe I’ll have that weird healthy hot chocolate my friend made me buy.. it’s pretty late for wine now and I’ll be getting my chocolate fix anyway…


Hurrah !!! I did it and guess what, I feel pretty damn pleased with myself. I’m alive and the world hasn’t ended.

Repeat above until the day where what do you know you DO have that wine AND that chocolate because you’re happy/sad/stressed/worried/tired/just fancy it but that’s ok because now you’re a ‘normal’ person who the majority of the time has a healthy balanced diet and works out .

YES works out too because you feel so much better now, with more energy and YOU know the wine and chocolate you had is fine because it was up to you to have it and you haven’t had it for like a week!

Now the rest is up to YOU, too ?

Oh, there they are ! 

The Vitality Bee…… ?