Those early hazy newborn days….

The best piece of advice I was ever given, which admittedly sounds a bit ‘stepford’ if you take it the wrong way – get showered, dressed and put your face on before you do ANYTHING else.
Before the husband leaves the house or before the baby wakes up. This includes if you had 3 minutes of broken sleep and would happily run naked down the street just to stay in bed.

Why ? Because you are already ready if you need to walk out the door ! You know.. when you’re having a struggle that day, you’re tired and feeling down or gross and the baby is fussing. You can grab the pram/carrier and just go !

Get in the car, walk to the shops, go for a stroll. Whatever it is. You can get out and do it.

If you’re still slobbing in your pjs and wouldn’t even answer the door to the postman for fear of scaring him with your face it’s not going to put you in the best mindset is it. Throw a grizzly baby into the mix and hello we’re on a downer, txting the husband to double check what time he’s home and wanting to bang your head against a brick wall. Literally.

Personally I needed to walk. I put on 3 stone & almost 4 stone respectively with the boys so believe me I NEEDED the exercise. It helps instantly. The fresh air clears your mind, bambino is hopefully snoozing so the stress levels have dropped and you’re moving your body at the same time, result.

I_woke_up_like_this_tired_black_mummy_tee_1__58049.1443596072.1280.1280<—- Need this.

Who are these people that say sleep when the baby sleeps ? WHAT ?

I mean am I missing something… do the housework fairies pop from the cupboards when you’re in the land of nod? Do they do your clothes washing, hoovering, make your lunch, prep the dinner and empty the dishwasher ? Do they workout out in the living room for you? Get the admin done ?


Don’t get me wrong, I know everyone is different and some people can leave these things and feel ok about it and that’s GREAT. If you’re like me however, you need to get shit done.

If I have nothing hanging over me, I feel better, my mind is happier. If I get to workout whilst baby is sleeping then snap, hello happier mood and happier Mummy for baby.

On the rare occassion that there was nothing to do e.g I had gone for a long walk and therefore got my exercise and endorphin fix, sorted the housework before the husband left or shock horror the husband had done it.

Sure I would make a HOT coffee and watch a zillion programmes back to back on planner or actually get to eat something !
My point is – if you don’t feel good, don’t beat yourself up about it but DO do something about it. If you wallow in your scruffs eating cake all day it’s only going to get worse.

Go for that walk, that drive, pop to the shops, stick an exercise dvd on, prep some healthy snacks, invite friends round for coffee.

Soon enough you will feel like YOU again and the bonus is… you have a BEAUTIFUL new baby.

Now THAT’S something to smile about…  Xx   new baby


PS – I am now one of those annoying people that writes ‘husband’ like everyone automatically must be married if they have babies. oops, sorry! Please delete or change as you wish!

PPS – Having a newborn when you already have a child/children, YES I know it’s a whole different ball game. Watch this space for that blog (!!)

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