Holiday Halo or Holiday Blues… ??

…. keeping a balance whilst away.

If you go with the ‘I’m on holiday’ attitude to everything eg no exercise, lots of alcohol & eating all the foods you wouldn’t usually eat then chances are you’re going to come back feeling less than great !

This most definitely contributes to the post holiday blues when reality hits back home.. you all know what I’m talking about.

I’ll share with you my top tips while I was away recently because I’ve been in both positions and it’s MUCH nicer to not only feel good whilst you’re away #ermhelloswimwear but also an epiphany to come HOME feeling good too ! #toned&tanned

I’m not saying you can’t enjoy yourself but try not to go from one extreme completely to the other.
I definitely drank more alcohol than usual but I worked out most days, kept active and ate about 70% healthily.



•Take your health essentials with you – I took coconut oil, coconut milk, pink salt, black pepper, organic turmeric powder, cacao powder, Doterra Ginger oil, Doterra Lemon oil, Organic Garlic plus a Detox Powder.
*Also Quinoa incase I couldn’t find it anywhere !

•Pack healthy snacks – I took natural nut butter sachets, mini ombars, naked & rude health bars, mixed nuts & olives.
Good for travelling too!

•Stock up on the freshness ! We did a little shop as soon as we arrived, gives you less chance to reach for the junk – fruit, salad, avocados and also anchovies, wholemeal wraps, haloumi, feta, fish etc

•Keep hydrated – especially if the temperatures are soaring & you’re indulging in a bit more alcohol than usual 😉
Well you ARE on holiday !!!
Whilst we’re on that subject, keep cocktails to a minimum they’re full of sugar and empty calories.

•Exercise the demon! Don’t go from working out every day to lying on your lounger every day.
Exercise is part of my life, I enjoy it (please don’t confuse that with my finding it easy) & it makes me feel better mentally & physically.
Whilst away I gave the weights a break and instead I did…

✔️Sprint Intervals
✔️High Intensity Workouts
✔️Bodyweight Circuits

Think of it as a chance do something you don’t usually get to do… I haven’t run or swam in ages !

•Meals – if you’re self catering, BBQ’ing, packed lunching you’re in a great position to still get your fruit, veg, omega 3’s, healthy grains etc in and choose what you cook with & in… Hello #coconut oil #garlic #ginger but if you’re eating out then try & pick the healthier options on the menu or asking for no sauce, sans frites, with salad, hold the bread, adios dessert… you get the picture !


If you’re not on a sun, sand & sangria break then you might have to amend some of the advice above but the point sure remains the same.


Happy Holidays !!!! ?

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